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“Excellent Messenger Service”

The Deliver Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd willingly creates the best works of Messenger Service to deliver your greatest messages,
with the Messenger Service for various organizations and sectors as government and private sector over 6 years, and currently our business service continuously grows as well as goes deliver message service works to efficiently be a part running your business.


More Experience

The Experiences of Messenger Service to Create the Efficient Works Beyond Anything.

  • The Experiences of Messenger Service to Create the Efficient Works Beyond Anything

    By the experience of shipping toward the Messenger Service of client workplaces to get our employee ready and be able to deliver messages well with expert on the route and fast service.

  • The Experiences of Messenger Service to Create the Efficient Works Beyond Anything

    Professionally able to acquire the business works as billing note, getting check, operating document by vessel and shipping, and also package delivery.

  • The Experiences of Messenger Service to Create the Efficient Works Beyond Anything

    Full of personnel with great personality, skillfulness, and experiences to help running your works more competence.

Why “Deliver”

We are truly ready to bring you to the exceptional Messenger Service
which owns the inspection delivery system to deliver messages until the last destination
infallibly and to make you sure every time you get service under the concept “Trust Forwarding”.


The Impressive Messenger Service.

  • More Ensure

  • Beyond Service

  • Greater Standard

Deliver Express is the first leader that uses GPS installing on employee’s place to be one of their standard tools. Now, we have improved its system to be able to follow them via application on smartphone to provide more convenient. As a client, you can check and follow up our employee’s work throughout the time via the online system definitely to make sure that your documents are safe and correct until destination.

Deliver Express sincerely creates the service quality to provide you a high satisfaction by continuously remaining the service standard, including the experienced team that expert on local service, delivering documents, billing notes, receiving checks, and package delivery proficiently.

Deliver Express often provides employee trainings to get them ready on service as an international standard which proves and evaluates the working process throughout the month to better bring the result to improve the service quality.

GROWTH Structure

The Success of Business Needs the Understandably Working Structure and Plans.

  • Section 1

  • Section 2

  • Section 3

High Performance Human Development

We value the personnel development since we believe that choosing a good employee is what the basic HR looks like. Increasing potential however is to enlarge the quality of works sustainably.
Employee training is to educate them learn how to create the best work on every field and to show that this is what each of them should know.

Expert of Operation

A good service always starts from learning, proficiency, and full of experiences to be able to design the excellent works for the clients.
We believe in our proficiency of transportation, messages delivery, operating documents as billing note, receiving checks, shipping documents, and official documents.

Systematic Management

Deliver Express systematically has the administrative organization structure and experts supervising every single part of work as the plan goals.
Supervisors will go follow up closely the employee’s works on a well-designed management system.
The field work for survey and evaluation can get the mistake result to bring improved the service quality.

Advantage Platinum Package

The Higher Service Offers That You Would Never Have Experienced from Other Service Providers.

* The Offers for Over Platinum Package Service


The offer of service form for office document submission.

  • Section 1 Trip

    Deliver the point-to-point document transport service, can set the origin point, destination, and time as you need.

  • Section 2 Day

    Deliver the document transport service as daily and half-day.

  • Section 3 Month

    Deliver the document transport service as monthly for offices, starting only at 11,900 baht.

Mobile Application

We develop software which is used to monitor and follow up the work precisely.

Free can use the service today. Download Here.

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